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Nord Gearmotor

AC Gear Motor


Helical geared motors for a wide range of applications

Motors with a helical gear unit from NORD have a high power density and a large number of options. The gear units are produced in three series and many sizes for a wide range of applications.

Bevel geared motors – Powerful and low-maintenance

NORD bevel geared motors are the best choice wherever high speed ratios and torques are required. Our drive systems, consisting of an electric motor and a bevel gear unit, are especially suitable for use on conveyor belts as well as in intralogistics and packaging technology.


Compact, highly effective drive unit: NORD bevel geared motors
Regardless of whether you choose the lightweight or the robust version: bevel gear units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS operate with ultimate efficiency over the entire range of speed ratios.

NORD Helical gear units impress with outstanding features:


  • Powerful
    Our helical gear units provide a maximum torque of 26,000 Nm (as an Industrial gear unit up to 250.000 Nm).
  • Efficient
    High efficiency increases the productivity of the application.
  • Hygienic
    NORD Helical gear units have wash-down capability thanks to their smooth surfaces.
  • Robust
    If required, we can treat NORDBLOC.1 helical geared motors with nsd tupH corrosion protection, which also withstands aggressive cleaning agents.

NORD Geared Motors with Worm Gear Units – Tailor-made drive technology

Worm gear units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS especially show their strength in applications in which high gear ratios are necessary. Our worm geared motors are therefore optimally suited for use in intralogistics, packaging technology or the food industry.

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